Golden Jubilee : Property Geology

The property is located within the Southern Flint Creek Range, the geology of which consists of pre-Cambrian aged sediments of the Belt Super Group thrust (the Georgetown Thrust) over the Hasmark Formation and the Red Lion Formation of Cambrian age. The Pre-Cambrian and Cambrian age sedimentary units have been intruded by Cretaceous age granodiorite related to the Philipsburg batholith. The structure contact between the Pre-Cambrian and Cambrian sedimentary units appears to coincide with the topographic trace of the north arm of Flint Creek.

The majority of the gold deposits and gold occurrences in the Southern Flint Creek Range occur in the Hasmark Formation east of the Georgetown Thrust fault, near the contact with intrusive granodiorite.

Historical reports has mentioned that the Golden Jubilee vein has been traced on surface for a distance of approximately 2000 feet and the main mine area has been tested to a depth of 265 feet below surface by diamond and reverse circulation drilling. It has been proposed that the vein could extend an additional 2000 feet to the northeast and southwest of the main mineralized zone.

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